Mark 3:20-34 - Forget about it!

Donnie Brasco is one of my favourite mafia films and there's a great scene where Jonny Depp's character is explaining what 'forget about it' means.  It can mean almost anything but in today's passage I imagine Jesus could well have said 'forget about it' to 2 groups of people: his family and the teachers of the law.  Why 'forget about it'?  Because they were worried, concerned or annoyed when they shouldn't have been.  They needed to chill out and have faith in Jesus that he knew what he was doing.  Forget about it!

Mark 3:20-34

Jesus' family was worried and concerned about him.  Imagine the scene.  So many people crowding around Jesus that he actually had to put his knife and fork down and stop eating his meal.  It was too much.  What was Jesus thinking?  Didn't he realise this was all going too far?  His family were worried for him but they should have known better.  Their worry shows their lack of faith.  So it's getting crowded - so what?  That's what happens when the Son of God comes to dinner!  He knows what he's doing so don't worry.  Forget about it!

Jesus' family turn up and Jesus says that his real family are the ones he's hanging out with!  Bit of a shocker but Jesus is saying that his real family are the ones who have faith enough to be with him and follow him and not question or worry about what he's doing but just go with it.  That's what the crowd were doing.  Jesus' family is open to all and the crowd wanted in.  They knew they wouldn't want to be any other place in the world.  'Leave now?! - when we can meet with God?!  Forget about it!'

The teachers of the law also miss the point and more than worrying - they actually attack Jesus by saying he's evil and his power comes from Satan!  Jesus gives them a stern warning that if anyone rejects Jesus and effectively says, 'You're not the Son of God.  You're nothing and I don't need you', then they risk losing the opportunity for forgiveness forever.  What else should anyone expect when God himself has turned up and they say, 'No thanks'?  Jesus also pokes holes in their logic by making the point that Satan would have to be stupid to fight against himself (by healing the sick and casting out demons, etc) and if that's the case, then there's nothing to worry about anyway.  Forget about it!

Who are you?
  • Are you like the teachers of the law, clearly disbelieving and rejecting Jesus?
  • Are you like Jesus' earthly family, not really following what he's doing and thinking that all the fuss about him is a bit much?
  • Or are you like the crowd, maybe not having all the answers but staying close to Jesus and hanging on his every word because he's the awesome Son of God and you can't deny it?
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