2 together

2 together is a relationship mentoring resource I wrote for couples who don't want to wait for a marriage prep course to teach them everything they should know already! The course includes Bible passages so you can consider what God says but you don't have to be a Christian to benefit from it.

The 10 chapters cover...
Relationship with God
Hopes and expectations
Love and its languages
Agreeing helpful boundaries
Time for friendship
Honesty and trust
Forgiveness and resolving conflict
Families and their impact
Friendships and community
Moving on

Read and fill out a chapter individually, meet together to talk about your answers and then each meet with a mentor to talk about how it's going. 2 together will help you build in the foundations you need to make a strong relationship that lasts.

You can ask me for a free copy of the pdf and print your own or if you want to order the book, it'll cost you £5.19 (including postage) and is available here.