Snow day

[Photo from BBC]

So last night we had about 6 inches of snow - brilliant!  But why does so much in this country grind to a halt when it snows?  For what it's worth, here are my 3 theories...
  1. People get stupid.  Maybe because it's less frequent (in the SW at least), people forget that when there loads of slippery snow and ice around, you have to drive a bit slower and maybe not try and tackle big hills.  Loads of cars stuck on Haldon Hill this morning apparently.  What were they thinking?
  2. People get scared.  Probably because of the stories of stupid people, other people get too scared to go out and do anything at all because of all the accidents.  I know it's not safe for everyone to go out but most people could manage it if they used their brains and were more careful.  Most other countries that get more snow than us seem to manage.
  3. It's fun!  Why carry on working if you can play in the snow and get away with it?  And why go out at all if you can stay in and watch Die Hard?  Exactly.