Advent Conspiracy

So I know Christmas day is tomorrow and this is all probably a bit late for this year but I thought it was about time I did a quick blog about this because it's an excellent idea not just for Christmas time but for all year round and birthdays, etc.

It's annoying (and if it's not then it should be) how we (the richest people in the world) waste a load of money buying each other more unnecessary (and often completely useless) stuff at Christmas.  If Christmas has anything to do with Jesus at all (which it mostly doesn't these days but maybe it should) then it should be good news to the poor as much as to anyone else - maybe even more than to anyone else. 

It's easy enough to make Christmas (or any time we feel like buying presents) a decent opportunity to really help the poor.

Check out the Advent Conspiracy

And a great way to actually do what they're suggesting is by using Oxfam Unwrapped to buy people presents that change and save lives.  Check out the TV ad here.

Let's take Christmas back!  Let's change it and make it about something better and maybe we'll encounter God in the process.

Matthew 25:31-46