Folding tables made to order

In my spare time I've been making these clever little folding tables, various sizes, shapes and colours.  They're getting more beautiful each time as I get the hang of them. :) 

The chessboard top is a popular one.  Ideal for home, picnics, camping, crafting, etc and packs away small to carry or store.

I'm happy to make them to order and charging £60 for plain ones and £75 for the chessboard one.

Feel free to contact me if you're interested (  I'm happy to make custom sizes, shapes, colours.

Some people have asked for sizes and dimensions.  Here's the details of the table pictured above (with the square chessboard top)...

Leg length (x4): 75cm

Cross bar length (x4): 50cm

Dowel used for hinge points in legs: 1cm diameter

Dowel used for carrying handle/hinge: 2.5cm diameter

Table top: 52cm by 52cm (cut in half obviously, and slightly longer than the cross bar length) 

You can obviously make the table top wider if you want a rectangle rather than a square.  And play around with sizes like I have.


Here's a video of how I make them and some pictures...