Youth Club at Cornerstone Questions and Answers Jan 26th 2018

Last Friday night at Youth Club at Cornerstone Church we collected these questions.  Thanks if you were one of the people who put something in the box!  We might use some of these as we do our little video clips on Friday nights but for now, here's my answers.  I refer to Bible verses a lot because I believe it's God's words.  Don't just take my word for it, do check out the links to the verses I'm thinking of so you can see where I'm getting my ideas from!

When did you begin believing in God?
I've always believed in God.  My parents were always Christians and taught me about God from when I was little but I also believe God showed me he was real from the start.  I don't remember a time when I thought he wasn't real and then realised he was.  I've just always known it.  I've had doubts from time-to-time and lots of questions but God has proved real time and time again in my life and he has kept all the promises he makes in the Bible.

Is it wrong to support LGBTQ?
I believe the Bible shows us that God's intention for marriage is that it is for one man and one woman to become one flesh for one lifetime (Genesis 1:21-25, Romans 1:26-27). 

Christians should love everyone (God does!) but this doesn't mean they have to agree with the choices they make (God doesn't!).  I have good friends who know I don't agree with some of their lifestyle choices when it comes to their sexual relationships.  They know I care about them and we can also talk about our views without falling out.

Jesus was a friend to people others regarded as sinful (Luke 5:27-32) because he came to save people who are sinful - which is all of us by the way! (Romans 3:23-24).  I believe people's greatest need is to know Jesus' forgiveness and love by trusting and following him.

So that's what I believe but it might not be what you believe.  We can't all be right but we can pursue the truth without falling out.  Christianity should never be IMPOSED but should always be PROPOSED.

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Why does God make us go through things like heartbreak if he doesn't want us to get hurt?
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Why did God send Jesus if we are going to die one day? (The world will end??!!!?!)
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