A Radical Submission to Authority

I'm working on some new punk songs under the same name as my old band In My Name.  The album will be called A Radical Submission to Authority.  Adding links here as they get done.  Hope to make it available on iTunes when the whole thing's ready.  For the first time, the songs are mine from start to finish and all the vocals and drums are me, so I've only got myself to blame.  Having said that, I do owe massive thanks to brilliant help from Dan Desmond (guitars and bass) and Gareth Hamer (from The Rec House in Bath for mixing and mastering).  It's kind of their fault too. ;)

If anyone would like to do some artwork for the project, I'd be forever grateful.  All I've got at the moment is a red square!

My Bike
Wake Up
Abortion Song
Adoption Song
That's What I'm Here For