Romans 8:31-39 - As bad as it gets

I still remember a daughter of a friend of ours when she was younger, getting really upset in the middle of watching Finding Nemo on DVD.  She came running into the kitchen where me and her dad were, crying because Nemo was lost.  Dad told her it was ok and gently reminded her of the name of the film (and that she'd watched it several times before)!  For those who trust and follow Jesus, this world is as bad as it gets...

Romans 8:31-39

If Jesus has died in our place for our sin, if the Holy Spirit has moved into our lives as Christians, if our perfect future with Jesus is guaranteed - then what do we have to worry about?  Nothing.  Not really.  Any suffering we go through in this life is like a plot twist in a story that we know ends well.  It doesn't mean we don't suffer or that suffering doesn't hurt us.  Christians aren't immune from suffering and struggle in this world.  What it does mean is that we don't go through it alone (Jesus is always with us), we don't have to be beaten (Jesus is living in us) and we don't go through it forever (this world is temporary).

If God is for us, then we are unstoppable.  No-one can reverse what God has said about us and if we're in Christ, God declares us innocent and has nothing but love for us.  If we're trusting and following Jesus, he has made us part of God's forever family and nothing can change that.  The worst this world can do to us is kill us but all that does is send us home sooner.  For us as Christians, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger and whatever does kill us makes us stronger still!  Knowing Jesus means we can't lose.

Trusting and following Jesus means that nothing can separate us from God's love.  Ever. 

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