So today was the Exeter College Christian Union Day of FREE CAKE!  We spent the day giving away cake to students and staff and asking people three questions...

1. What's your life all about?
2. What do you think Jesus' life was all about?
3. If it was possible to know God personally, would you want to and why/why not?
As ever, we had some AMAZING and significant conversations with loads of people, some of which lasted half an hour or more because people were genuinely interested in getting to the bottom of who Jesus is and whether or not he's really God and worth trusting and following.  It seems people really are hungry to explore and discover the truth rather than stick with gut feelings or popular opinion.  It was a real privilege to chat to them and try to help point them towards the evidence about Jesus and everything he's done for us so we can know God personally!

If you're reading this because we met you today - THANK YOU!  And please feel free to explore the blog (especially the Why Follow Jesus? bit) and ask me any questions using the link on the right.  I promise I'll get back to you and try to be helpful.  If you want to meet up to chat properly, I'm well up for that too.

Hopefully chat soon!