Mark 6:6-12 Bible study questions

  1. Jesus is sending his disciples on a mission.  How is the mission organised and what does he give them for the job (v7)?
  2. The mission would involve some of the stuff Jesus had been doing.  Have a scan back through the previous stories in Mark.  What kind of things was Jesus sending them to do?
  3. What does he tell them to take with them (v8-9)?  Why do you think this was all they needed?
  4. If the welcome was good, what should they do (v10)?  Why do you think this is?
  5. If the welcome was bad, what should they do and why (v11)?
  6. Miracles were part of it but what was the main focus of the mission (v12)?
  7. What can we learn from this about our mission if we're following Jesus?  
  8. How is our mission going?  
  9. What kind of things should we be saying/doing?  What kind of questions might help?  
  10. What should we be praying for?