Q&A blogs

Here's where we've done question and answer sessions and I've blogged my answers (most recent first), hoping they might be helpful.

HEALTH WARNING: Please don't take my word for anything.  I'm trying to get my best thoughts from God's words in the Bible, which is why I point to parts of it in my answers.  I strongly recommend studying the Bible to see what God says.  Also, I'm learning!  The careful reader will notice my views have shifted on some things over the years that this blog has been running.  I've left everything in because it shows something of the journey I've been on.  That said, I hope my answers will help you on your journey too! :)

If you can't find your question, you can message me.
Also check out these video clips and discussion questions.

Jun 2019 at St Peter's School
Answers from youth leaders on suffering, God, the Bible, sex, doubts, Jesus, becoming a Christian, relationship with God, love, hell, the Holy Spirit.

Jan 2018 Weymouth Family Church
Fine without God, healing, disasters, reading the Bible, evangelism, western church, prayer, discipleship, injustice, purpose, colour, making a difference, other faiths, atheism, trinity.

Jan 2018 Youth Club at Cornerstone
Reasons for believing, creation, LGBTQ, suffering, Jesus, the end of the world

Jan 2018 Mega Club at Cornerstone
Jesus, God, creation, healing, etc.

Jan 2018 Our Citygate Community Group
Healing, hearing God, homelessness, giving, poverty, eldership, Revelation, love, children, animals, baptism, tattoos and piercings, divorce, inequality, God's sovereignty

Nov 2015 Off The Wall at Belmont
Forgiveness, following Jesus, science, eternity, Christians, jokes, the Bible, drinking, divorce, war, God's existence, doubts, intervention, denomonations

2014 Off The Wall at Belmont
Natural disasters, suicide, poverty, punishment, chickens, relationships, sex, homosexuality, assurance, forgiveness, church, heaven.
Feb 2012 Soul Cafe/Jam Club
Favourites, unanswered prayer, love, the Bible, childbirth, sexism, Jaffa Cakes, God, The Big Bang, high school, wars, natural disasters, religion, languages, self.
Nov 2011 ECCU
Guidance, healing, angels, Israel, killing, war, abortion, forgiveness, losing faith, living dangerously, alcohol, suffering, prayer, violent video games, OT adultery, sex, 'good lies', Bible burning, favourite Bible verses, unborn children, sexism, sharing scripture, OT/NT contradictions.

Mar 2011 The Big Question at Kings School, Ottery
Is religion good for society?  Should same sex couples be allowed to adopt?  Does prison work?  Should fertility be left to nature?

Aug 2010 DCYC
Drugs, sex, love, abortion, homosexuality, heaven, the Bible, other religions, TV, politics, prayer, personal vision, partying, temptation, God's gender

Jul 2009 Off The wall at Belmont
Suffering, abortion, unforgivable sin, suicide, self-harm, drinking, going out with a non-Christian, fashion, Jesus, God's plans and our free will, Satan, doubts, romance, finding God, family, church, dreams, creationism and evolution, etc


Uncover by UCCF 
Lots of videos of qualified experts answering 7 of the biggest questions people have about Jesus.

One Minute Apologist
Another Christian answering questions in short video form.

Reasonable Faith
Christian and Philosopher - William Lane Craig's site.  Stodgy articles for the scholarly AND some snappy videos for simpler people like me!