Mark 4:21-25 - Show time!

The 'reveal' is something we get very excited about when it's a magic trick or a lengthy TV drama series but what about when it's our own lives?  Jesus tells a swift parable about the fact that he's come to shed light on life itself... 

Mark 4:21-25

Go back and read it a couple of times and let it sink in.  Try and figure out what Jesus means by this.

I think Jesus is saying that he's come to shed light on life and reveal truth to people that was previously a mystery to them.  He's come to show people what life is really all about and to invite them into it - into God's kingdom family.  In the story of the sower immediately before this, Jesus has been teaching about what it takes to decide to follow and keep following him and after this lamp illustration he goes on to teach about his kingdom family and what it's like.  So he's gearing up to this by explaining that he's here to make known things that were previously hidden - to shine light on things that were previously in the dark.

Jesus challenges his hearers to consider carefully what he says and to consider their response too.  If they hear his words and continue to live small lives without God, they'll get little back.  In fact, Jesus warns everyone like this that they'll get less than nothing.  But to those who consider Jesus' words and respond in faith, Jesus promises much in return.

So have you considered carefully the words of Jesus yet and made your response?  Have you asked all your questions?  How's it going?  And if you're already follower of Jesus, how much are you passing on Jesus' love, light and teaching to others so they can do the same?  It's still show time!

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