In My Name

Quick 5 minutes - thought I'd explain the name of my band - In My Name.

We're a punk band (we think) and we want to sing about solutions and not just problems.  Punk is often about protesting injustices and at its best it's awesome and can really change things but at its worst it can just be useless moaning that doesn't do anyone any good.  One of the big protests of the recent past has been people against Bush and the whole 'war on terror' and loads of people held signs in the air that proclaimed 'NOT IN MY NAME'.  Brilliant stuff and I wouldn't want to knock it but when we were thinking about what we want to sing about - the stuff that really gets the pen moving is what we're FOR and not just what we're against and so that's why we're called 'In My Name'. 

Check out our noise and let me know what you think and maybe we'll see you at the Cavern sometime!

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