Blogging on James

In October 2007, I read the book of James in the Bible and blogged about it bit-by-bit. It was a bit of an experiment really. I invited all my contacts from Facebook to go and check it out, hoping and praying that people might find it useful.

I basically read through the book of James a bit each day and then wrote down a few thoughts about it. Nothing too clever. I tried to be as down-to-earth as possible and help think about how the things God is saying in the book of James apply to real life today. I tried to ask relevant questions for people to consider for themselves and I included a prayer or something at the end.

Some chose to read James along with me and commented on what I wrote. Others just checked it out when they felt like to see what I was going on about. The rest didn’t bother with it at all because they weren’t interested and that was absolutely fine too. If nothing else, I know it helped me read the Bible for myself.

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