Ecclesiastes 5:1-7

Solomon has shown us that we chase after so many things - money, power, advancement, new leaders, possessions, etc - and none of then satisfy because none of them can change eternity. So what happens when we take these things to God? What would God say to us about these things that Solomon says are like 'chasing after the wind'?

Ecclesiastes 5:1-7

"Shhh!" I think that's what God would say. "Just shhh."

I remember seeing a cartoon in a business magazine that was trying to teach a lesson about levels of authority. In the cartoon, this guy from the ground floor has gone all the way up into the Executive Director's office to ask if he can borrow a pencil sharpener! Ok, so it's not the funniest of cartoons (!), but the point is useful for us as we consider today's passage...

God is like the ultimate Executive Director and we are way down on the shop floor. When we knock on his door to speak to him, do we really want to waste time asking about a pencil sharpener and other small things? Don't get me wrong, God cares about every little aspect of our lives and I believe he cares about the things we care about but sometimes he wants to say, "Shhh! - Don't you want to ask me about bigger things than these?" Or even, "Shhh! - Don't you think it's better to be still now and enjoy that we're together?"

Today, before you go right into your shopping list of a prayer to God - Stop and take a deep breath and wait. Wait in the silence and remember who it is that is listening to your prayer. What will you say to the most high and awesome God, who loves you more than you can imagine?