Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

So far Solomon's been saying that everything under the sun seems meaningless like chasing the wind. You might expect to find that he hates life and is apathetic but now he stops and observes that all the various activities under heaven have their place. They are good and right if done at the proper times.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Each of the phrases we read here are huge in their meaning and implication and we read them all too quickly. Let's reflect briefly on some of the things Solomon is referring to in our lives...

It might be interesting to look at the various activities in 2 groups. Some of the activities would normally be seen as positive and others as negative but Solomon says there is a good and right time for them all. Some of them are only necessary because of sin in our world but they are needed in order to reduce or stop the harm it can have. Some are difficult to deal with and hard to understand why they have to happen. Still others are exciting and fun.

Consider what part these things have to play in your own life at the moment...

- Birth and planting (v2)
- Healing and building (v3)
- Laughing and dancing (v4)
- Gathering and embracing (v5)
- Searching and keeping (v6)
- Mending and speaking (v7)
- Loving and peace (v8)

- Death and uprooting (v2)
- Killing and tearing down (v3)
- Weeping and mourning (v4)
- Scattering and refraining (v5)
- Giving up and throwing away (v6)
- Tearing and being silent (v7)
- Hating and war (v8)

What is it time for in your own life right now? Ask yourself if now is the right time for some of the activities you're doing. Maybe it's time for a change. A time for something different. Or maybe it's time for some of the difficult things and you need to ask for God's peace, comfort and courage to get you through. Ask God to help you order your priorities and to give you his perspective so you know what it's time for in your life right now and ask for his peace.