Blogging on Ecclesiastes

The response to the James blogs has been really positive so thanks for reading and commenting!

Someone has suggested I do Ecclesiastes next and I'm definitely up for that so tomorrow will be the first part of the book of Ecclesiastes. It's not a huge book so I should get through it in a few weeks. It's actually the book I used to read when I got bored in church as a kid so it's become one of my favourite parts of scripture. It's been a while since I've read it properly so it'll do me good and I hope it will help others too.

I'm soon going to remove the James blogs as we move on because I'm going to get them published as a little book that will be available to buy online for about a fiver. Awesome! Watch this space for details of that.

Look out for the Ecclesiastes Blog event invite through Facebook and pass it on!

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