James 3:1-12

People say that I talk too much. Can you believe that?! I don't think so, but then I take a look at how long my blogs have been and I start to wonder. The thing is, I really want to help explain things so that people can understand. Other times it's because I really want people to laugh and enjoy having me around because I'm so funny. Or maybe it's because I need to say my thoughts out loud so I can honestly figure something out for myself. Inevitably, people around me are frequently thinking (and sometimes they say it): Shut up, Dave! You're boring me!

This is going to be a shorter blog than the others. I promise. Partly because I'm in a hurry to go to London with my youth group this weekend (no more blogs until Monday now) but also because what James is saying here is not complicated at all. It's just difficult to do!

Words are powerful. When we speak we can worship or sin, love or hate, build up or destroy. It's a shocker how praise and rubbish can come out of the same mouth. This kind of thing doesn't happen anywhere else in nature (v10-13) and it's not natural for us to be the exception. James wants us to stop and to think carefully about how we use our words. Sometimes we think they don't count for much but James warns us that they are a big deal and they show what our hearts are really like. Reflect on the power of words and how you use them. Remember God's forgiveness is certain and he can help us change.