Goodbye to SCM

I've just finished my job at St Cuthbert Mayne as Pastoral Support Worker and I thought I'd write a bit about what I'm moving on to and also say something I think is really important for anyone back at school who might be taking a look at this...

I've got a day off today but tomorrow I'll be starting my new job at my church (Belmont Chapel) in Exeter where I live and I'll be 'Youth Support Worker' for 11-18s. I'll be thoroughly involved in all the youth groups, offering support to young people beyond those groups and activities and generally doing everything I can to help people grow well and discover more of their potential in God. Exciting stuff and I can't wait!

And the important thing? Well it's about knowing God... One of the hardest things for me about leaving SCM was saying goodbye to people who I know have been relying on me to some extent for things they needed - someone to listen, someone to rely on, someone to trust in. I've loved being able to help people and it was so hard to think about what might happen when I'm not there. But the thing is, as soon as I had feelings like this, I also had lots of encouraging thoughts too because although I'm leaving SCM, God is not!

God's way better than me at being available, organised and caring and loving and skilled and everything that anyone could ever need. And he's every bit as much at SCM as he is anywhere else. In fact, I think he's even more obvious at SCM than at many schools I've been to.

If you're a student at SCM reading this, you'll have heard me talk about God many times and thanks for letting me! It's because I know how much God loves us and wants to bring us peace and life to the full, forgiveness, life forever, purpose, gifts, etc, that I can't stop talking about him and inviting people to speak to him, learn from him and get to know him for themselves.

I hope you'll make the most of the opportunity to know God. He wants to forgive you and for you to know him as your best friend who will never leave you.

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